Chapter 5: Lockdown "X" or Lockup "✔"

I never thought I'd be writing to you whilst being in a state of "Lockdown". Never.

The COVID-19 virus has caused mayhem to our everyday lives and society as we know it will undoubtedly change forever.

It's likely that we know someone or eventually will know someone affected by COVID-19, given the forecasts on infection rates. It's scary. The World Health Organisation and the Government have set up guidelines on how to best deal with it; Stay at home, social distancing and regular washing of your hands. Let's be clear, we all must adhere to this if we want to help one another and save lives.

I'd like to mention our NHS workers and "key workers" on the amazing job they are doing. People risking their own health and wellbeing to help others - these people are the real life superheroes. At a time, undervalued and underappreciated, they are the backbone of society - now we clap for them at 8pm in the evenings! Thank you.

WHEN! we get through this pandemic, I hope we all can take a step back and appreciate the more important things in life; family, friends, health and time. The world has stopped in it's tracks, we now have been forced to stop living in the "rat race" and so amidst all the negatives of COVID-19 we can surely take some positives and/or learn from it.

For me, when I wake up each morning from here on in, I'll appreciate life that big bit more. Being able to see my family and my friends, good health and well-being and then everything that comes after it; my job, sport, etc. So in your time of Lock"down" can we take this opportunity and use it as a Lock"Up" - look at all the positives and hone in on them. You could even use this time to reset and refocus:

1. Your priorities - What really matters to you!
2. Your goals in life
3. Your diet - see food as fuel
4. Your general fitness

Make the most of this "free" time.

Today's chapter didn't dive too much into fitness but more so well-being and keeping in touch with what really matters. Finally, please, please, please... look out for one another and follow the guidelines. Your health is your wealth!

"True courage is being able to smile in the face of adversity while embracing ones vulnerability" - Unknown

I'm finally getting time for blogging again and it's good to be back!

Chat soon,

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